World of tools

Here you can find all issues of our customer magazine "World of Tools". 


, World of Tools 1/24

Precision tools in action

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, World of Tools 2/23

Lothar Horn

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Further issues

, World of Tools 2/21

Feature: Special Tools

  • Special Tools: Customised and optimised
  • Micromachining: Reliable in large-scale production
  • EMO, Milan: Sneak preview
  • Tools and Mould Making: Medal of honour for Lothar Horn
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, World of Tools 1/21

Special feature: Medical Technology

  • Medical technology: Tools for medical technology
  • Miethke: Aware of its responsibility
  • Products: Top Innovation: M310 with internal cooling
  • About us: Interview with Markus Horn
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, World of Tools 2/20

Special feature: Gear Cutting

  • Gear Cutting: Tooth by tooth
  • Products: 2020 innovations
  • New building in the USA: The HORN Group invests
  • About us: The HORN Group expands internationally
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, World of Tools Special (German only)

HORN-Werkzeuge im Einsatz

  • BRECHT: Zusammenarbeit in Krisenzeiten
  • CLECO: Neue Stechstrategie
  • SMP: Rollenköpfe für die Automobilindustrie
  • Laubscher: Ab einem Millimeter ist es ein großes Bauteil 
  • BAMANN: 14-mal schneller - und noch mehr möglich
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, World of Tools 1/20

Special feature: Automotive

  • Hot topic: Electric drives - a new era
  • Additive Manufacturing: 3D printing at HORN
  • Products: 2020 innovations
  • About us: EuroSkills 2020: competition for the trades 
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, World of Tools 2/19

Special feature: Coatings

  • Coatings: New Coating increases grooving productivity 
  • Products: 2019 innovations
  • Material: Cobalt-chromium
  • Review: Technology Days 2019
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, World of Tools 1/19

Special feature: 50 Years of HORN

  • Chronicle: 50 years of HORN
  • Products: Products old and new
  • About us: The HORN Management Team
  • Outlook: Technology Days 2019
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, World of Tools 2/18

World of Tools 2/18

  • About us: Introducing Markus Horn
  • Special feature: Automotive
  • Products: Sneak preview of AMB
  • Cooperations: News Partner
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, World of Tools 1/18

World of Tools 1/18

  • Special feature: Aviation
  • Trade fairs: Sharing ideas face to face
  • Special feature: From design to series production
  • About us: Paul Horn Hall
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