Horn USA, Inc. Return Policy

Horn USA strives to satisfy all customer requirements, and we will accept all qualified material for return. All returns must meet the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Acceptable Reasons for Product Returns:

  • Product Ordered Incorrectly
  • Product is no longer needed by the Customer
  • Product Needing to be Repaired
  • Suspected Quality Issues with Product

2. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) is required for all items returned to Horn USA, regardless of the reason for return. Customers may request an RGA by sending an email to customersupport@us.horn-group.com. We require the original PO Number or Invoice Number to issue an RGA. If an RGA is for product needing repair, we do not require the original purchase information.

3. An RGA is for tracking purposes only and does not guarantee credit of any kind. After we evaluate the return, we will issue credit if appropriate.

4. Horn USA will charge a 10% Inspection Fee from List Price on all returns for credit.

5. A customer must request an RGA within 30 days of the shipping date for Horn USA, at its sole discretion, to consider waiving the inspection fee. For Horn USA to consider this waiver, the reason for return must be that the product was ordered incorrectly, and at the time the RGA is issued, an offsetting order must be placed for comparable items within the same product group. The shipping location must be the same as the original order.

6. The RGA number must appear on the outside of the shipping carton, or on the packing list inside the parcel. Horn USA is not responsible for packages without RGA documentation, regardless of if signed for at our dock.

7. Horn USA charges a $ 25.00 Administration Fee for all packages received without an RGA number or documentation. This will be billed to your account and payment due within your terms.

8. An RGA expires 30 days from issue date. We automatically charge a $ 25.00 administration fee for all expired RGAs that Horn USA receives. This is in addition to any other inspection fees.

9. Horn USA will hold items to be repaired for a period of 45 days from the date the quote is submitted to the Customer. If after 45 days a PO has not been received, Horn USA will return the items to the address they were received from.

10. Product is eligible for return up to 12 months from the shipping date. Older products are not eligible for return.

11. Horn USA will not consider products for return and credit unless in like-new/sellable condition. All items must be in original packaging with all components. We will charge back for any missing spare parts.

12. Non-Stock, Discontinued, or Obsolete inventory is not eligible for return.

13. If Quantity Discounts were applicable at the time of purchase, those discounts will be charged back as necessary.

14. All Freight charges are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise noted.