Excellence in Technology

Paul Horn GmbH has been staging the Horn Technology Days since 2009. Right from the beginning, the customers have been the focus of this event. Over the years, it has grown both in terms of the available programme and the number of participants. The 2015 event welcomed record numbers of delegates: 2750 visitors from 35 countries over three days, compared to around 2250 participants at the 2013 Technology Days.

Lothar Horn, Managing Director of Paul Horn GmbH, explained the principle behind the Technology Days: "We don't consider our Technology Days to be a promotional event. Instead, we want to engage in dialogue with our customers in order to advance technology and innovations and pool our knowledge. This is also why the presentations are application-specific rather than product-specific."

Most of the presentations – which numbered eight in total – were supported by corresponding practical demonstrations. Participants made good use of the opportunities to discuss the application in question with the relevant speaker after each presentation. For the first time, the presentations were available in up to five languages: German, English, French, Italian and Turkish. Areas explored included the following topics: "Grooving and parting off stainless materials", "Longitudinal turning – Producing complex materials", "Precision tools in the added-value chain", "Trochoidal milling", "Moulding tools and special tools", "Wear parts", "Tangential milling" and "Milling and slotting cutters".

The last day of the event saw the first Horn Careers Day take place, where the company provided information about the opportunities for training and studying, and the possibility of specialising in cutting tool technology.