HORN offers a comprehensive portfolio with its tool systems for drilling. This includes solid carbide drills, PCD and CVD-D tipped drills as well as form drilling tools.

HORN enables the economical production of bores with its DDP, DDM,
DDHM tool systems as well as with the form drilling system 117. The
tool portfolio is suitable for drilling steels, sintered carbide and special
forms on customer requirements.

Drilling with HORN-Tools

Product news

PCD drilling tools for non-ferrous metals

Paul Horn GmbH presents its expanded portfolio of tools with cutting edges tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

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Our Tools

Solid carbide drills

HORN solid carbide drilling tools of the types DDP and DDM demonstrate high drilling performance when machining all ISO material groups. Great care is taken during production to ensure the accuracy of the ground geometry and the cutting edge preparation.

Diamond-tipped drilling tools

With the CVD-D tipped drilling system DDHM, HORN offers the possibility for economical drilling and countersinking in solid carbides and sintered ceramics with hardnesses of up to 3,000 HV.

Form boring system 117

The profiled tools enable economic advantages in series production as well as a reduction of tool costs when machining bores in the large diameter range. System 117 allows a high degree of freedom in the design of the cutting edge profiles.

Catalogue drilling and reaming