Cover HORN-Katalog Stechdrehen

Grooving (70 MB)

System 100 / 101, System 117, System 119 / 123 / 223, System 209, System 216, System 217, System 224, System 229 / 259, System 231, System 262, System 264, System 274, System 32T, System 34T, System 312, System 316, System 64T, Tools for Swiss Type Machines, Face Grooving, Parting Off, Technical Instructions, Speed-Forming, Broaching, Additional Equipment

Cover HORN-Katalog Modulare Haltersysteme

Modular Holder Systems (17 MB)

Revolver Grooving, Revolver Parting off and Multi Spindle devices, Adaptor VDI ISO 10889-1 and square shanks with internal coolant supply, Technical Instructions

Cover HORN-Katalog Supermini

SUPERMINI® & MINI Internal Machining (28 MB)

Chapter Supermini System 105 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading, Face Grooving), System 109 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading, Face Grooving), System 110 (Boring, Grooving, Face Grooving), Chapter Mini System 106 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering), System 107 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading), System 108 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading), System 10P (Grooving, Boring), System 111 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading), System 11P (Grooving, Boring), System 114 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading, Face Grooving), System 116 (Boring, Grooving, Chamfering, Threading), System 18P (Grooving, Boring), Technical Instructions

Cover HORN-Katalog Hochharte Schneidstoffe

Ultra Hard Cutting Materials (25 MB)

Polycristalline Diamond (System ISO, System Supermini, System Mini, System DTM, System DA32, System DS, System DDHM/DSFF), Monocrystalline Diamond (High polish turning, High polish milling), Cubic boron nitride (System Supermini, System Mini, System 229, System 315), Technical Instructions, Additional equipment

Cover HORN-Katalog Bohren und Reiben

Drilling and Reaming (22 MB)

Solid Carbide Drills, Form Boring System, Boring and Profiling System, Tooling System URMA, High-Performance Reaming, Clamping, Additional Equipment

Cover HORN-Katalog VHM Fräswerkzeuge

Solid Carbide Mills (28 MB)

System DP (Solid Carbide End Mills for all common steel materials), System DS (Solid Carbide End Mills for: high tensile steels, hardened steels, Cobalt Chromium Steels, Titanium, Aluminium), System DG (Milling shanks with exchangeable cutter heads for: Centre Cutting and Groove Milling, Chamfering and Centering, Copy Milling, High Feed Milling, Gear Milling), Toodle High Speed Spindle

Cover HORN-Katalog Frässysteme

Milling Systems (54 MB)

System DC Groove Milling and Thread Milling Cutter, Groove Milling (M304 / M306 / M308 / M311 / M116 / M313 / M328 /M332), Face and High Feed Milling (M335 / M620), Groove Milling (M275), Groove Milling (380 / 381), Groove Milling (M101), Grrove and Slot Milling (382 / 383 / M310), Thread Milling (M275 / M306 / M308 / M311 / M313 / M328 / M332 / 380), Gear Milling, Milling of T-Slots (M311 / M313 / M328 / M406 / M409), Technical Instructions Groove Milling by Circular Interpolation, Polygon Milling, System DA / DAH (Plunge and High Feed Milling), Tangential Milling (M406 / M409 / M610), Additional Equipment

Cover HORN-Katalog Langdrehtechnik

Technology for Swiss Type Machines (13 MB)

Supermini 105, Supermini® 105 for ultrafine machining, Supermini 109, System Mini 106 / 107 / 108, System 100 / 101, System 262, System 264, System 274, System 274 μ-Finish, System 312, System 32T, Technical Information, Graf Quick change system Linear unit, W+F Linear unit for Swiss Type Machines, Thread Whirling

Cover HORN-Katalog Boehlerit Fräsen

Boehlerit Milling (only digital) (20 MB)

Overview Tools Milling, ISO indexable inserts for milling, Milling tools, Solid carbide extensions, Technical hints

Cover HORN-Katalog Boehlerit Drehen

Boehlerit Turning (only digital) (88 MB)

Turning, Turning-Drilling-Tool Pentatec®, Thread Turning

Cover HORN-Katalog Modulare Langdrehtechnik

Modular Technology for Swiss Type Machines (only digital) (29 MB)

Runout tolerances, Handling and maintenance for WFB connection, Product advantages of WFB connection, WFB Product overview, Thread whirling head modular, CITIZEN, DMG MORI, HANWHA, MAIER, STAR, TORNOS, TSUGAMI, WFB static holders WFE/SHT, WF-Micro modular turning holders, WFB – adapter and accessories

Cover HORN-Katalog Gewindewirbeln

Thread Whirling (only digital) (28 MB)

Thread whirling - JET-WHIRLING, Citizen, DMG MORI, Hanwha, Maier, Nomura, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, Spare parts / Accessories, HORN Thread Whirling Heads

Cover HORN-Katalog Hochleistungswerkzeuge

High Performance Tools (only digital) (43 MB)

Turret Plate holder, Carbide Inserts, Height Adjustable Back Working Tools, Round Shank Tools, Coolant Routing

Cover HORN-Katalog Citizen Langdrehautomaten

Backworking Tools for Citizen Automatic Lathe (only digital) (6 MB)

C1 Tools (Internal Processing), C2 Tools (Internal Processing, Outward Processing), C3 Tools (Internal Processing, Outward Processing), C4 Tools (Internal Processing, Outward Processing)

Cover HORN-Katalog Hanwha Langdrehautomaten

Backworking Tools for Hanwha Automatic Lathe (only digital) (7 MB)

H1 Tools (Internal Processing), H2 Tools (Internal Processing), H3 Tools (Internal Processing), H4 Tools (Internal Processing, Outward Processing), H5 Tools (Internal Processing, Outward Processing), H6 Tools (Internal Processing, Outward Processing)