Groove, cut-off, profile, high polish and high feed milling: HORN offers productive solutions for numerous milling operations.

With its milling tool range, HORN offers a broad portfolio for
economical milling operations, from the T-slot mill to the diamond-
tipped milling system for high-polish machining: With the different
systems from HORN, the user will find the right tool solution for the
machining operation.

Milling with HORN-tools

Product news

M475 groove and cut-off milling system

Horn is presenting a completely new generation of groove and cut-off milling system at AMB 2022.

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New carbide grades for system DAH8

Für den Einsatz in einem breiteren Werkstoff-Spektrum erweitert die Paul Horn GmbH die Schneidstoffsorten für das Frässystem DAH.

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Slot milling of narrow grooves

Horn shows the extension of the circular interpolation system for slot milling of grooves.

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304 milling system for small threads

Paul Horn GmbH is expanding its circular milling portfolio for productive thread milling up to hole diameters of 8 mm (0.315").

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Our Tools

Slot and circular milling

Groove, cut-off or slot milling: The tool system offers the right solution for various applications. With three to over twelve teeth per cutting insert and different diameters, the tool system is highly versatile.


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Solid carbide milling systems

With the DS, DP and DG milling systems, HORN offers high-performance milling tools for the typical applications covered by solid carbide end mills. From ball nose end mills for profile milling to micro end mills for the medical industry, the systems have a broad range of uses.

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Tools for slot milling

With the M101, M310, 382 and 383 systems, HORN offers numerous tool solutions for economical slot milling of small to large workpieces. The systems are characterised by different cutting inserts, targeted coolant supply and precise insert seats.

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Milling with high performance

The systems for high feed milling excel when roughing due to the high metal removal rate. But the other milling tool systems with interchangeable inserts from HORN are also impressive with their high milling performance.

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Thread milling

HORN offers several solutions for productive thread milling using different tool systems. The portfolio offers an economical tool solution for producing most thread profiles as well as for numerous thread sizes.

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T-slot milling

The economical milling of T-slots demands high performance from the tool systems. The T-slot milling systems from HORN offer milling performance for highly productive machining of T-slots. 

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