Grooving, parting off, boring or longitudinal turning: With its tool systems, HORN offers economical solutions for turning operations.

With its tool systems for turning, HORN offers a broad tool portfolio for
economical machining of diverse range of materials. Grooving, parting
off, turning, longitudinal turning or Swiss-type turning. With the systems
from HORN, users will find the right solution for the respective machining task.

Product news

New chip breaking geometry for system Mini 108

Horn has developed a new chip breaking geometry especially for the 108 Mini tool system.

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New chip breaker geometry PT for system 224

Horn is expanding the S224 double-edged grooving system for Swiss-type machining.

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New high-performance coating

They are less than 0.005 mm (0.0002") thick, yet still an essential part of modern tool technology: tool coatings.

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Supermini Set

Paul Horn GmbH now offers users its proven Supermini tool holder system with face clamping as a set.

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Roughing geometry for stainless steel

As Boehlerit's sales partner for the German market, Horn is delighted to present new, high-performance tools from the Austrian tool specialist.

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Our Tools

System Supermini

The system is suitable for internal machining from diameter 0.2 mm up to 8 mm. With over 1,500 variants, users can quickly find the right solution for the machining task.

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System Mini

The system is suitable for internal machining from diameter 8 mm. Numerous machining operations such as boring, internal grooving and thread turning can be realised with the tool system.

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Tool systems for grooving

From one to six cutting edges per insert: For productive grooving of external as well as internal contours, HORN offers a wide tool portfolio for grooving, longitudinal turning and contouring.

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Tool systems for parting off

HORN offers productive tool systems for parting off. Due to the numerous holder variants, the single-edged inserts are suitable for small and large grooving depths.

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Modular cutting

HORN offers a modular holder system for parting off. The holder system can be configured to suit the machine interface using the HORN selection guide.

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Tool systems for axial grooving

HORN offers a wide range of tools for economical face grooving. The tool systems can be used to produce axial grooves of different diameters and depths.

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Modular holder system

With these holders, HORN offers a modular system with which the user can adapt tool holders and inserts directly to match the machining task and machine interface.

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Tools for ISO turning

As exclusive sales partner for the German market, HORN presents the productive ISO tool systems from Austrian tool manufacturer Boehlerit.

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Tool systems for swiss-type turning

From high-precision micromachining of watch movement components to precise series production of components on sliding-headstock lathes: HORN offers the right solution with its tool systems for sliding-headstock turning.

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