Knowhow at HORN

When tool knowledge becomes process understanding

Exceptional results are always a combination of the optimum cutting process
and the perfect tool. To achieve this, HORN combines top technology,
performance and reliability. Particularly with technically demanding applications,
advice and dialogue take centre stage.

This is what you get with HORN

50+ years

experience in metal cutting


employees working worldwide


standard tools in the product range


customised special solutions


Special tools in 5 working days


Knowhow transfer face-to-face

An important building block for our expertise: Close cooperation with the customer.

There is no standing still with our customers. Change is part of our daily business and spurs us on. So what do we want to be for our customers and users? We want to stand shoulder to shoulder as an enabler and partner and contribute our knowhow accordingly.



One of the most innovative industries needs innovative, top-precision, high-performance tools as well as machining solutions.


Aerospace is one of the largest industries in the machining sector. Safety is the top priority.


Stringent workpiece requirements: Ever smaller, more minimally invasive, more precise, safer and more compatible for use in the body.

Die and mould making

Machining solutions for the demanding requirements of tool, model and mould making.

General mechanical engineering

Tool requirements for of the most diverse components are wide-ranging and of a high standard.


Hydraulic components have the highest demands in terms of quality and functionality - including when it comes to machining them.

We train our specialists ourselves

Those who work to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimetre every day must not only be particularly well qualified, but also particularly well motivated. That is why HORN attaches great importance to the quality of the training and further education of its trainees and employees. After all, knowledge and experience are indispensable prerequisites for mastering the most modern technologies.

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