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Modular tooling system for high efficiency

Thanks to its precision and rigidity, the modular tooling system from HORN offers a high degree of flexibility for adaptation to different machine types. Standardised modules bridge several interfaces at the same time. The modular system has a selection of tool holders for turrets and other tool carrier interfaces based on common machine types. The matching grooving tool holders with integral coolant supply allow height adjustment of the cassettes and their mounting in the normal or overhead position, on the left or right of the holder. For multi-spindle autos, height-adjustable tool carriers are available onto which the cassettes are screwed directly. The cassettes serve as an adapter for numerous Horn grooving insert systems. Parting off, grooving, sliding-head turning: the modular system can be flexibly adapted to the application.

Horn is adding further variants to the modular system especially for use on Schütte machines. The type 850 tooling system supersedes the system 849. Of more compact size, the holder offers high stability as well as targeted cooling of the flank and rake face. The holder system is suitable for all sizes of the 315 insert system. For other inserts, HORN offers corresponding special solutions. The tool holders are available with and without angle adjustment. Height adjustment is simple and easily accessible from the front. The tool system is compatible with the Schütte series ECX, SCX and ACX.