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Geometry for high feed rates

Full radius ahead - with the new KR cutting edge geometry, Horn presents an indexable insert for high feed rates. The geometry is highly capable for groove, longitudinal and copy turning. The cutting edge demonstrates elevated performance particularly at high loads during trochoidal turning thanks to its stable design. Furthermore, the geometry's good chip control ensures short chips and thus increases process reliability. The KR geometry enables feed rates of over 0.25 mm/rev (0.01"/rev) and infeeds of ap = 2 - 3 mm (0.079" - 0.118").

Horn offers the new KR geometry for the S229 indexable insert system. As standard, the user can choose between radii of 2 mm (0.079"), 2.5 mm (0.079) and 3 mm (0.118"). With its high heat resistance of over 1,000 degrees Celsius, carbide grade IG66 ensures maximum performance during the turning process. The carbide grade also contributes to an increase in tool life. Depending on the application and machine interface, the user can choose from a wide selection of tool holders. HORN offers holder systems ranging from simple square shanks to modular cassette systems.