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Polished rake faces for the System 409

The patented M409 tangential milling system from HORN excels with its rhombic indexable inserts. The precision-ground inserts achieve a high surface quality at the bottom of the groove and on the flanks. Positive radial and axial rake angles as well as a flank chamfer ensure a stable wedge angle for particularly smooth milling. The system delivers high metal removal rate even with driven tool turrets and on less powerful machines. Together with the internal coolant supply, the tangential milling system covers a wide range of applications and thus increases performance and flexibility.

Especially for milling aluminium alloys and plastics, HORN offers the indexable inserts with polished rake faces on all four edges from stock to counteract the formation of built-up edges. In conjunction with the positive chip breaker geometry, the sharp ground cutting edge produces a soft cut and high surface quality. The special grade is designed for use with the ISO N material group. The inserts can be used in all cutter body variants.