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Groove and cut-off milling system M475

Horn introduced a new-generation groove and cut-off milling system. The tool system enables economical, highly productive milling performance. To round off the milling system for narrower grooves, Horn is expanding it to include smaller inserts with a cutting width of 3 mm (0.118") and 4 mm (0.157"). The precision-ground, indexable insert offers four usable cutting edges, each with two left and two right inserts, so the user no longer needs to fix different inserts onto the cutter body. HORN offers the positive-cutting indexable inserts with a round chip breaker in the carbide grade RC4G, which enables high cutting performance during milling. The special surface treatment of the cutter body offers a high level of protection against abrasion by chips.

The bodies of the M475 system are available from stock as side milling cutters, shell milling cutters and screw-in milling cutters. The shell and screw-in milling cutter variants are equipped with an internal coolant supply. Horn offers the side milling cutters in diameters from 80 mm (3.150") to 200 mm (7.874"). The cut-off and grooving widths are optionally 3 mm (0.118"), 4 mm (0.157"), 5 mm (0.197"), 6 mm (0.236") and 8 mm (0.315"). As shell milling cutters, the tools are available in diameters from 63 mm (2.480") to 200 mm (7.874"). The groove widths are the same as for the side milling cutter variant. The screw-in milling cutters are stocked with a cutting width of 5 mm (0.197") and diameters from 40 mm (1.579") to 63 mm (2.480"). The effective number of teeth (zeff) of all the variants depends on the diameter. For example, it is zeff = 2 for the 40 mm (1.579") diameter shell mill and zeff = 13 for the 200 mm (7.874") side milling cutter. The large number of effective inserts also contributes to the economical efficiency of the new M475 milling system.