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Intelligent turning and drilling

As Boehlerit's sales partner for the German market, Paul Horn GmbH is delighted to present the new Quattrotec tool system.

The universal turning-drilling tool Pentatec has already replaced up to five ISO tools and reduced machining times by up to 30 percent by saving tool change and idle times – but the new Quattrotec tool system is an intelligent machining solution that goes even further. The new Easy Safe System is just one advantage of the product: a groove on the underside of the indexable insert ensures that it can be installed in the insert seat with precision and speed. With the introduction of the Quattrotec tool system, the Austrian carbide and tool specialist is helping users to reduce their costs across a much wider range of materials. Thanks to the special design of the new system, four machining operations – drilling into solid material (including off-centre), internal profiling, facing and longitudinal turning – can now be performed with low vibration and with just one tool. The comprehensively tested Boehlerit portfolio includes substrates of a wide range of hardnesses, combined with either a wear-resistant CVD coating or a universal and reliable PVD coating.

The Boehlerit-Horn partnership

Horn and Boehlerit have entered into an exclusive sales partnership. The Tübingen company handles all sales of the Boehlerit precision tools for milling and turning applications in the German market. The partnership is a direct response to the wishes of Horn customers, which have repeatedly requested a wider product range. Before teaming up with Boehlerit, Horn needed to work with a variety of different partners so it could act as a single-source supplier to its customers and cover a broad spectrum of tools. Horn always strives to find the best solution for its customers – and Boehlerit’s high-performance carbide tools make the grade.