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Modular reaming for large bore diameters

The newly developed DR-Large reaming system from Paul Horn GmbH demonstrates the company’s expertise in machining of bores. The tool offers easy handling and high precision thanks to the proven technology of the DR family of tools. The large number of cutting edges allows high cutting values, thus reducing cycle times and costs during machining. The modular construction and the solid carbide inserts of the tool system offer the user exceptional flexibility. Tool setting is not necessary when exchanging the cutter head. The highly versatile and powerful interchangeable reaming system is suitable for large bore diameters from 140 mm (5.512") to 200.2 mm (7.881"). Horn’s customer service offers quick and simple reconditioning.

The modular construction of the reaming tools means they can be extended to any size with beta module standard components, in theory without limit. The beta module interface is ABS-compatible. Horn offers six types of cutter head to cover the entire range of diameters in 10 mm (0.394") increments. Two sizes of head fit on each reamer shank. All types are equipped with direct internal coolant supply to each cutting edge. The interface of the insert seats has been completely redeveloped and offers highly precise interchangeability within a few microns.

Reaming is a very economical machining process. Compared to boring holes to tight tolerances, reaming is much faster and can significantly reduce unit costs. The motivation behind the development of the DR large range was the fact that users wanted to be able to ream larger diameters. Reaming tools of this size that have been available on the market up to now are either special brazed tools, or diameter-specific reaming tools with fixed inserts. With all these tools, replacing worn inserts is a complex process. For one thing, handling of these special tools, which are delicate and often heavy, presents a logistical challenge when replacing them. And the calibration of newly fitted tools can be a tricky process for many users. Horn offers the perfect solution with its exchangeable-head, pre-calibrated reaming tools.