Numerous HORN tool systems can be equipped with ultra hard cutting materials. These include diamond materials such as PCD, CVD-D and MCD as well as CBN substrates for hard machining.

Ultra-hard cutting materials are used when conventional cutting
materials such as carbide such as carbide no longer offer an
economical machining solution. For example CBN substrates for
hard machining and diamond cutting materials for composite
materials. For the production of high-polish surfaces HORN offers
MCD-tipped tool systems.

High-polish turning with HORN-tools

Product news

PCD Multi-tooth cutter DTM 1710

Horn has developed the new DTM 1710 milling system for finishing non-ferrous metals and plastics with abrasive fillers.

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Cubic boron nitride for tough cases

Horn is expanding its tool portfolio for machining hard materials and other steels. 

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PCD drilling tools for non-ferrous metals

Paul Horn GmbH presents its expanded portfolio of tools with cutting edges tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

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