Application Stories

When theory becomes practice.
We use selected machining examples to demonstrate the use of
HORN tool solutions with our customers.


5 Minutes

Whirling for excellent sound quality

Music makes people happy one moment and can bring them to tears the next. It can help drive people to peak performance in sports, or make them anxious. But one thing that music never does is leave you cold.

Further Application Stories

8 Minutes

The inventor who pulls the strings

"We pull all the strings," jokes André Gall. The founder of WireStyle creates works of art with his team from thousands of nails and a kilometre-long thread using machines developed in-house.

8 Minutes

High-polish milling instead of polishing

An application from Germering in Bavaria shows that special machines are not required for milling high-polish plastic surfaces. The Enggruber company, in collaboration with Paul Horn GmbH, is crystal clear that this even works with conventional machines.

8 Minutes

High-end connections for extreme requirements

The economical production of gas-tight threads requires a great deal of expertise and precise interaction between machine and tool. SMS group offers this combination using stable RMG coupling threading machines and tool systems from Paul Horn GmbH.

9 Minutes

Down to the smallest detail

"Why don't we actually build motorbikes in France?" That's what Olivier Midy thought when he started the development of his own motorbike 30 years ago. Since the start, around 300,000 hours have gone into the development of his Midual Type 1.The inventor has built numerous technical specialities into the bike, paying attention to perfection down to the smallest detail.

8 Minutes

High speed production of a precise bone screw

The company hg medical from Raisting in Upper Bavaria is considered one of the leading subcontract manufacturers of these special screws. To produce them, hg medical relies on Swiss-type lathes from Traub and whirling tools from HORN. In addition to conventional whirling, hg medical uses the high-speed whirling process.

8 Minutes

Process reliability and economy

"By switching to gear skiving and investing in a turning/milling centre from INDEX, we have achieved maximum process reliability," says Erwin Wagner. Wagner is responsible for tool scheduling at SAM GmbH in Bad Tölz. The company is considered a specialist in the development and production of high-quality components for aircraft construction.