Horn tools

Tools for turning operations

Grooving, parting off, internal turning or long turning: With its tool systems, HORN offers economical solutions for turning operations.

Tools for milling processes

Grooving, parting, shaping, high gloss and high feed milling: HORN offers productive solutions for numerous milling operations with its tool systems.

Ultra hard cutting materials

Numerous HORN tool systems can be equipped with ultra hard cutting materials. These include diamond cutting materials such as PCD, CVD-D and MKD as well as CBN substrates for hard machining.

Gear cutting

HORN has steadily expanded its tool portfolio for the economical production of gears in recent years.


HORN shows its know-how in this machining process with the tool systems for grooving. Horn relies on the 117 and Supermini systems for this process.


HORN offers a comprehensive portfolio with its tool systems for drilling. This includes solid carbide drills, PCD and CVD-D tipped drills as well as form drilling tools.


HORN shows its expertise in bore machining with the DR reaming tool system. The systems cover numerous diameter ranges.

Thread whirling

HORN shows its know-how in the whirling process with the tool systems for thread whirling.

Special tools

We will be happy to develop individual tool solutions for your specific application.