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Gear skiving of larger modules

For producing gears with a deep profile, Horn has further developed the WSR gear skiving system. The company has adapted the WSR tool system, with its patented hollow shank taper interface, to produce larger gears. The maximum diameter is 120 mm (4.724"). Compared to tools fitted with indexable inserts, the solid carbide cutter offers significantly higher manufacturing precision. The flexible design of the shank can be adapted to the machining conditions. Functionality and flexiblity are guaranteed by in-house production of the solid carbide cutter and the shank.

With the expansion of the gear skiving system, Horn is responding to the wishes of users who would like to transfer the performance features of the WSR tool systems to larger modules. The performance and precision of the tool makes it possible to finish-machine gears without reworking. In addition, long tool life further increases the cost efficiency of the gear skiving system. Horn offers the tools with a versatile internal coolant supply: cooling from the back onto the cutting edge, from the front onto the cutting edge or a combination of both. In addition, there is an in-house resharpening service for the gear skiving cutters to restore the original values.